Setting you up for empowerment.


Mindful Morning

Get moving. A slower paced practice to activate and energize. We take our time to wake up, find intention, move stagnant energy and eventually break a sweat to build strength and stamina for the day ahead.


A strong full body flow that cultivates balance, stability, flexibility, and vigor. Breath awareness and coordination are carried throughout the practice as we connect body, mind and breath.

Vinyasa Peak Pose

Come play! A dynamic Vinyasa class that builds towards a peak pose. Might be an armbalance, could be an inversion, be open and enjoy the process.

Vinayasa Strength & Stability

A strong moving practice aiming on gaining strength, stability and focus.

Dynamic Vinyasa & Yin

Strength x Mobility x Yin – Power hour meets Yin. A very dynamic and creative flow class that combines classical Yoga asana with Functional Movement, Martial Arts Moves, HIIT elements and much more. Followed by 30 minutes of blissful release.

Vinyasa Ladder Flow

A strong, „flowy“ practice that is build piece by piece. Through repetition we create ease in our flow and establish a moving meditation.

Alchemical Flow

Inspired by the phases of the moon Alchemical Flow integrates the dynamic of Vinyasa, the spiritual concepts of Hatha Yoga, Mantra, Mudra and Pranayama to dive into and enhance the specific qualities that the current moon state and corresponding zodiac sign offer.

Katonah Yoga®

Stable, able and imaginative. Katonah Yoga is a Hatha based practice developed by Nevine Michaan over the last 45 years. It incorporates Chinese Medicine, Taoist theory, geometry, metaphor, mythology and imagination. Katonah Yoga invites us to question our habits and shows where we normally go, and where we don’t. The practice offers tools and techniques to orient ourselves in time and space, asking to explore new perspectives and angles within and around our body and to notice how that translates from our practice into our life experience.

Yoga Therapeutics

Special focus classes providing you with the tools to tackle issues that come with our often busy lifestyles. Lower back pain. Tense neck and shoulders. Stiff hips. Restlessness. We’ll work on expanding range of motion, creating joint mobility, finding stability, releasing tension and calming our minds.


Slow down. Gentle movement, Yin and Restorative Yoga, guided breathwork and meditation are in the mix to release tension, soothe the nervous system and calm body and mind. Focus and personal style varies by each unique teacher.

Friday Night

Weekly changing classes inviting you to think outside the [yoga] box. Buti, Candle Light Flow, Dragon Dance, Myofascial Release, and much more.


Yoga Private

Yoga one-on-one. Your Yoga. Your SWEET SPOT.

Vigorous or relaxing. Therapeutic. Tailored to your individual needs.Also available for small groups, up to a maximum of 4 people.

Katonah Yoga® Private

A Katonah Yoga® Private starts with a body reading, where internalized and embodied universal, personal, and cultural patterns become apparent. Through the physical practice we recognize how our history, lifestyle, and postures have been inscribed in our bodies. We’ll explore new perspectives and angles, and have the opportunity to step out of ingrained routines and rediscover ourselves.


Holistic body work sessions. Nuad Thai, Osteothai, Shiatsu and much more. We offer a wide variety of treatments. Check in with us and book your wellbeing session.

Yoga for business

Stronger together. Our professional everyday life is often challenging. Being on our feet a lot, spending long hours at the desk, lifting, shift work, stress … .

Responsible companies support their employees in dealing with these challenges as part of occupational health promotion. We assist companies in creating a comprehensive offering for the maintenance and promotion of health for their employees.

Group classes.
Individual training.
Workshops and seminars.

Individually tailored to the needs of your company.